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This registration mark is held on retention by

Talking Plates Ltd.


When you purchase this reg mark you will then become the new 'Nominee'. This entitles you to assign this mark to a vehicle registered in your name. You then become the owner of this number plate.


We have pre-paid your £80 Assignment Fee, so there is nothing else to pay which means that this number plate is ready to go on your vehicle as soon as the transfer is complete. All you have to do is register online or by post with the DVLA. 

By law this number plate cannot be assigned to a vehicle registered before

 Sept 2013 

    £  9,999             Purchase Price

    £  1,999.80      VAT@ 20%


    £ 11,998.80      Total Price



Includes £80 DVLA assignment fee

All major credit/debit cards accepted

V750 Certificate of Entitlement